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Owl Baby is located at 355 Magill Rd St Morris SA, right next to Espresso Royale Cafe.

Open: Mon-Wed 9-3pm; Sat 9-2pm

Or ask the cafe to open the shop for you!

About Us

Our little Owl Baby 

Finding out I was pregnant with our fourth child in 2009 was definitely a surprise blessing!  A difficult and high risk pregnancy ended up meaning a total of eleven weeks in hospital, and it was during that time that I discovered the amazing world of the modern cloth nappy.  Immediately I was both excited and intrigued, and determined to give them a go!

Intrigue soon turned into a full-blown passion, and I found myself telling anyone who would listen about this amazing innovation.  I was excited too, to read of the incredible properties of bamboo, the highly sustainable and eco-friendly crop used to create the fabric that makes up much of these new-style nappies.

The fabulous thing about modern cloth nappies is that they have SO many benefits: they are gorgeous, they help the environment by reducing waste (did you know that every disposable ever made still exists? A sobering thought!) and they are a natural, chemical free alternative against a baby's precious and tender skin.  I love them - I even love washing them, and that's saying something!

Long story short, Owl Baby was born (our littlest man's nickname)...and Owl Baby was born!  Our little Owl Baby is healthy, happy, and an endless source of inspiration to me.  I am blessed to be home with him, doing what I do.  And it is my pleasure to serve you!

Rachel <3<3<3

Sole Proprietor,

Owl Baby

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