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Pop-In New Gen Night-Time Booster - SINGLE

Pop-In New Gen Night-Time Booster - SINGLE-Pop-In Pop In new gen generation night time nighttime night-time booster

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Please note: This listing is for single units only.

The Pop-In night-time booster is made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, with a 100% polyester top.

The purpose of the night-time booster is the adjust the absorbency of the Pop-In nappy to make it last during the night.  The fleece top wicks away moisture to keep baby's bottom drier overnight.

To fit the night time booster, simply slide it over your top slim day booster that is already in your Pop-In.

And guess what! It’s slimmer (by a THIRD) and dries in HALF the time of the old style Pop-In night booster.

The new boosters fit comfortably inside the V2 Original Pop-In and V2 and V3 Dream Dri.

Sold in singles, a  3-pack or available in the Pop-In Bulk Nappy Packages.

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