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Pure Bamboo Powerful Nappy Bucket Deodoriser

Pure Bamboo Powerful Nappy Bucket Deodoriser-Pure Bamboo Nappy Bucket Pail Deodoriser Charcoal Sachet Sachets

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A New and Natural Way to Manage Your Nappy Bucket!


Pure Bamboo brings parents an innovative product that naturally and effectively helps to work with what can sometimes be a stinky situation. Nappy buckets are effective at keeping the smell in but after a couple of days, when you open the lid, it can be a little eye watering!

Pure Bamboo powerful nappy bucket deodorisers are made of 100% Natural Moso bamboo charcoal and do absorb strong odours and moisture out of your nappy bucket.

Why bamboo charcoal?

For centuries, bamboo has been treasured for its healing power, beauty and adaptability. Using ancient but effective technology, Pure Bamboo has an entire range of household and health products that eliminate and remove moisture, odours and harmful chemicals to ensure harmony and health is restored to your living, working and sleeping areas.


Our Moso bamboo is grown in Taiwan in pesticide-free forest programs and a special heating process creates bamboo charcoal. It has billions of porous pockets and the powerful ability to absorb strong odours, moisture, chemicals and electromagnetic waves from your surrounding environment .Bamboo charcoal also purifies drinking water and enriches it with minerals.



All our Pure Bamboo deodoriser, dehumidifier and beauty products are:


  •  100 percent natural Moso bamboo

  •  Grown in Taiwan in pesticide-free forest programs

  •  Ancient technology – proven to remove odours and moisture absorbs electromagnetic waves from appliances and computers

  •  Releases negative ions which improves sleep, digestion and circulation

  •  Unscented and hypoallergenic

  •  Creates a more calm and healthy environment

  •  Reusable

  •  Environmentally-friendly and biodegradable

Instructions for use:

Remove your Pure Bamboo Nappy Bucket Sachets from the biodegradable wrapper, place 1-2 sachets under the bucket liner and tape 2-3 sachets to the lid, keeping as much of the surface area of the sachet exposed as possible.

Once a fortnight, place sachets in direct sunlight for two hours per side and they will last up to 3 months.

After use you can mix the bamboo charcoal into your garden soil to nurture your plants!

Six sachets per pack.

6 in stock

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