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Bubblebubs Candies - Wine Gum

Bubblebubs Candies - Wine Gum-cute tooshies tooshie candies candie candy minky minkie minkee side snap OSFM wine gum purple

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GorgeousBubblebubs Candies one-sized all in two (Ai2) nappies are specifically designed to grow with your baby. Candies will fit from approx 4.5kgs to 14kgs (or higher),which will see most children fitting them from around four weeks through to toilet training.

Inside of the Candies

The fabrics used in these nappies are custom milled to the highest standards, offering you quality that is second to none. The shell ofthe Ai2 nappy consists of an outer layer of super soft minky which is laminated with PUL, and the inner layer is made from smooth soft suedecloth, which wicks moisture away from the skin.

Bamboo Soaker and BoosterBamboo Soaker and Booster

The booster set is made from 420gsm bamboo fleece which is super thirsty. The snap intwo layer trifold has a suedecloth panel in the centre which helps keep your baby dry. An additionalthree layer lay in booster is also included which gives extra boosting for those babies that need it. The booster can be folded in half and positioned exactly where it is needed, giving 9-12 layers of super thick bamboo right where it is needed!

Candies Ai2 are super economical as extra snap in booster sets can be purchased and the outer shell of the nappy reused. Just make sure you air the shell between nappy changes and put it in the nappy bucket at the end of the day.

The best part about our Candies AI2 is thetwo row side snap configuration. It is this configuration that allows the nappy to fit comfortably on the smallest baby right through to chunkiest of toddlers. As it is side snap wing droop is non existent and thetwo rows of snaps allow for a great fit around the legs and the waist, which will ensure that everything is contained. It also means there are no rise snaps to adjust, making it the easiest one size nappy on the market to use!After washing simply snap in the trifold, pop the additional booster in if required and put it straight on your babe.

Features at a glance

  • One Sized fits from approx 4.5kgs to 14kgs or higher
  • Snap in Bamboo Booster set gives up to 12 layers of absorbency
  • Side Snapsgivea great fit around legs and waist
  • Outer of super soft minky and inner of smooth suedecloth

Candies on children aged 3wks (4kgs) 13mths, 2yrs, 3yrs & 5yrs

What's great about this nappy?

Economical- Being one-sized, you don't have to buy more nappies as your baby grows. You can also save money by buying extra booster sets and re-using the outer shell.

Super Absorbent- The bamboo has a higher bamboo content and is a thicker fabric than many other brands on the market, making it more absorbent.

Side Snapping- The snap configuration gives a great fit on all babies as you can adjust the leg snap seperately from the waist; this gives fantastic containment. It also eliminates wing droop which is where the excess fabric on the wings of front snapping nappies falls down and protrudes out the leg opening.

Quick Drying- Because the nappy pulls apart everything dries quickly.

Other noteworthy things

Don't put this nappy in a hot dryer- PUL will delaminate over time if you continually expose it to high heat and elastic will also perishmore quicklyso if you must use your dryer, use it on a cold or low setting.

Don't wash this nappy over 60 deg- As with putting the nappy in a hot dryer, washing a nappy in hot water will damage the fabrics and elastic over time. If you are worried about germs being killed, never fear! The sun is the best germ killer that we have and it's also a great stain remover!

These things go for all modern cloth nappies -to make the nappies last longer and to reduce your environmental impact wash all your modern cloth nappies in warm or cold water with only a 1/4 scoop of a washing powder that doesn't contain whiteners or brighteners. Alternatively use a specifically designed nappy washing powder. Then hang them on the line and let the sun go to work.

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