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Owl Baby is located at 355 Magill Rd St Morris SA, right next to Espresso Royale Cafe.

Opening hours are: Mon-Thurs 9-3pm;  Fri 10-1pm; Sat 10-2pm

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Like all the other parents who’ve chosen the Caboo by Close Baby Carrier have found out, this carrier really can change your life. You can put the sling on easily by yourself, you can carry your baby in it for hours if you want, and you can get on with the rest of your life while you do so.

This isn’t a rucksack to transport your baby from A to B. Thousands of mums use this carrier to bond with their baby, to soothe their baby, to rock them to sleep and then get on with the rest of their day whether that includes working, shopping or washing up.

The Caboo by Close Baby Carrier can bring you closer to the life you want with your baby.

Top THREE reasons for using the Caboo by Close Baby Carrier...
1. Carrying your baby in a sling leaves your hands free for other tasks - making your life easier
2. A carried baby is a happier, calmer baby - this in turn creates happier parents
3. Baby carrying offers constant and easy access to the breast.

Caboo by Close Baby Carrier - Cotton Blend-close parent baby carrier sling caboo cotton blend
Caboo by Close Baby Carrier - Cotton Blend
Caboo by Close Baby Carrier - Organic Cotton Print
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Caboo Carrier NCT-caboo carrier nct baby mum dad
Caboo Carrier NCT

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