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Folkmanis Puppets

The most innovative, creative puppet maker in the world!

Folkmanis believes imagination is the key to a healthy childhood, encouraging play and discovery to develop the skills necessary in life. The company has been making the most innovative and engaging specialty puppets in the world since 1976, delighting imaginations and winning nearly every industry, child development, and kid-tested award, many repeatedly.

42 Years and Growing!

Conceived as a "cottage industry" business in Watertown, Massachussetts, in the late 1960s, and nurtured among the street vendors lining Berkley's famed Telegraph Avenue, Folkmanis Puppets are the expression of Judy Folkmanis' active imagination, sewing wizardry, and love of nature.

Creating her first animal puppets to entertain her own children, Judy was astounded when her unsung, but cuddly, creations began attracting a growing group of paying customers. Most often these were other parents who sought high play value from their toy purchases and an appreciation of the natural world for their children.

Joined in the burgeoning endeavor in 1976 by her Ph.D. husband Atis—who happily abandoned a career in biochemistry for pattern-cutting—the couple realized that launching a menagerie of carefully detailed and realistic animal puppets was their “right livelihood.” They hired several seamstresses and never looked back. The rest, as they say, is toy industry history – as Folkmanis’ line and renown grew by leaps and bounds.

Still headquartered in Emeryville, California, today Folkmanis, Inc. has grown to become the premier manufacturer of plush puppets worldwide. Folkmanis® Puppets offers over 200 of the most heartwarming and realistically designed creatures—both exotic and familiar—on the market today. And, after more than 35 years, Folkmanis, Inc. is still a family business. Judy and Atis oversee both the creative and operations sides to ensure that the quality and love of the natural world they wish to convey through their toys remains true to their original vision.

“The success that Folkmanis Puppets has enjoyed for more than 35 years simply reinforces the fact that when it comes to children, old-fashioned, open-ended play patterns are the best, and the simplest toys are really the healthiest gifts one can buy for a child,” says Elaine Kollias, marketing director. “That is why puppets are so firmly in the ‘good toy’ category – not just that they encourage and inspire imaginative play, but that they represent a thoughtful and fun gift that is more than ‘just’ a toy.”

Judy & Atis Folkmanis
Widely regarded as the most innovative puppet-maker in the world, Folkmanis® Puppets consistently designs beautifully crafted toys that inspire creativity, promote hands-on discovery, encourage interaction, teach fine and gross motor skills, help develop early language, and become a child’s lovable companion to be treasured for years. The company’s line includes a virtual menagerie of plush pets and friendly wildlife friends with new designs constantly on the drawing board.

Folkmanis Sloth Puppet-Folkmanis Sloth Puppet
Folkmanis Sloth Puppet
Out of Stock
Folkmanis Hermit Crab Puppet-Folkmanis Hermit Crab Puppet
Folkmanis Hermit Crab Puppet
Folkmanis Duckling Puppet-Folkmanis Duck Puppet Duckling
Folkmanis Duckling Puppet
Folkmanis Chameleon Puppet-Folkmanis Chameleon Puppet
Folkmanis Chameleon Puppet
Out of Stock
Folkmanis French Bulldog Puppet-Folkmanis French Bulldog Puppet
Folkmanis French Bulldog Puppet
Folkmanis Nautilus Puppet-Folkmanis Nautilus Puppet
Folkmanis Nautilus Puppet
Folkmanis Dutch Baby Rabbit Puppet-Folkmanis Dutch Baby Rabbit Puppet
Folkmanis Dutch Baby Rabbit Puppet
Folkmanis Hedgehog Puppet-Folkmanis Hedgehog Puppet
Folkmanis Hedgehog Puppet
Out of Stock
Folkmanis Peace Dove Puppet-Folkmanis Peace Dove Puppet
Folkmanis Peace Dove Puppet
Folkmanis Poodle Puppet-Folkmanis Poodle Puppet
Folkmanis Poodle Puppet
Folkmanis Hen Puppet-Folkmanis Hen Puppet Chicken
Folkmanis Hen Puppet
Folkmanis Frog Toad Puppet-Folkmanis Frog Toad Puppet
Folkmanis Frog Toad Puppet
Folkmanis Screaming Goat Puppet-Folkmanis Screaming Goat Puppet
Folkmanis Screaming Goat Puppet
Folkmanis Alligator Puppet-Folkmanis Alligator Puppet
Folkmanis Alligator Puppet
Folkmanis Mouse Puppet-Folkmanis Mouse Puppet
Folkmanis Mouse Puppet
Folkmanis Iguana Puppet-Folkmanis Iguana Puppet
Folkmanis Iguana Puppet
Folkmanis Great Horned Owl Puppet-Folkmanis Great Horned Owl Puppet
Folkmanis Great Horned Owl Puppet
Out of Stock
Folkmanis Orange Tabby Kitten Puppet-Folkmanis Ginger Cat Puppet Orange Tabby Kitten
Folkmanis Orange Tabby Kitten Puppet
Folkmanis Jack Russell Dog Puppet-Folkmanis Jack Russell Dog Puppet
Folkmanis Jack Russell Dog Puppet
Folkmanis Little Hare Puppet-Folkmanis Little Hare Puppet Bunny Rabbit
Folkmanis Little Hare Puppet
Folkmanis Little Bat Puppet-Folkmanis Little Bat Puppet
Folkmanis Little Bat Puppet
Folkmanis Little Elephant Puppet-Folkmanis Little Elephant Puppet
Folkmanis Little Elephant Puppet
Folkmanis Little T-Rex Puppet-Folkmanis Little T-Rex Puppet
Folkmanis Little T-Rex Puppet
Folkmanis Little Pteranodon Puppet-Folkmanis Little Pteranodon Puppet
Folkmanis Little Pteranodon Puppet
Folkmanis Small Snowy Owl Puppet-Folkmanis Small Snowy Owl Puppet
Folkmanis Small Snowy Owl Puppet
Folkmanis Baby Koala Puppet-Folkmanis Baby Koala Puppet
Folkmanis Baby Koala Puppet
Folkmanis Narwhal Puppet-Folkmanis Narwhal Puppet
Folkmanis Narwhal Puppet
Folkmanis Small Black Bear Puppet-Folkmanis Small Black Bear Puppet
Folkmanis Small Black Bear Puppet
Folkmanis Mouse in Pumpkin Puppet-Folkmanis Mouse in Pumpkin Puppet
Folkmanis Mouse in Pumpkin Puppet
Folkmanis Worm in Apple Puppet-Folkmanis Worm in Apple Puppet
Folkmanis Worm in Apple Puppet
Out of Stock

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