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Hana Baby Wrap Organic

Hana Baby Wrap features

Design features

  1. Hana Baby Wrap is a wraparound baby sling that offers full head and neck support to your baby.It is exceptionally suited from birth and can be used upto 12.5kg.

  2. It carries your baby ergonomically - which helps correct hip development without putting pressure on baby's spine or pelvis.

  3. It distributes your baby's weight evenly over both shoulders and entire back, making your baby feel feather light and does not cause any shoulder or back discomfort.

  4. Hana Baby Wrap is a relatively cool baby wrap sling. It is thinner and lighter than other wraps, yet as robust as regular cotton-elastane wrap carriers. This means that Hana Baby Wrap is more breathable and hence more comfortable than other wrap slings on the market.

  5. Hana Baby Wrap fits you perfectly. It does not have any fasteners such as buckles or snaps, so there's no need to readjust anything to shape or size. Simply tie it comfortably around your torso and waist.

Bamboo features

  1. Hana Baby Wrap is made from bamboo fabric, with some added organic cotton and a touch of elastane. Bamboo fabric is cashmere soft, naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for your baby.

  2. Bamboo fabric has a natural UV filter.

  3. Bamboo fabric is up to three times more breathable than cotton, naturally helps to regulate your baby's temperature, and is great for warm weather or the summer months.

  4. Hana Baby Wrap is also great for cooler days though, as bamboo keeps you warmer in colder weather too.

What makes Hana Baby Wrap a great choice for eco-conscious parents too?

  1. Bamboo is extremely fast-growing and can grow up to three feet a day.

  2. Bamboo needs no pesticides or fertilisers and requires minimal irrigation.

  3. Bamboo is even known to improve soil quality in degraded and eroded areas of land.

  4. Organic cotton is grown without the use of any fertilizers or pesticides and uses rain water for irrigation, saving lots of water.


Benefits of Babywearing

Emotional Benefits

  • Babies cry less and are healthier - studies have shown that babies that are held more, cry less.(1) One study found that leaving babies to cry for long periods of time alters their nervous system by flooding the developing brain with stress hormones and adrenalin.(2)

  • Carried babies are calm and content - by wearing baby in a wrap sling, baby will feel reassured by the presence of their wearer's body rhythms. The familiarity of heartbeat, body temperature, body smell and breathing patterns will create a smooth transition from womb to world. A randomised controlled test reported in Pediatrics showed that carrying babies reduces crying and fussiness 43% during the day and 51% at night. (3)

Cognitive Benefits

  • Carried babies are primed for learning - carrying a baby promotes cognitive development and speech development, since babies are exposed to more experiences and conversations.

Physiological Benefits

  • Babywearing stimulates a baby's physical development -touching your baby stimulates her growth hormone production.(4)

  • Babywearing stimulates a baby's vestibular system, the parts of the inner ear that control the body's sense of balance.

  • Babywearing increases a baby's circulation and promotes respiration.(5)

  • Babywearing promotes deeper, longer and more peaceful sleep cycles, vital for brain maturation.

  • Babywearing helps digestion and eases colic - wearing your baby in a wrap sling offers an upright position which promotes digestion. A baby's tummy is massaged through the act of babywearing which also promotes bowel movement. The acupressure points that aid digestion and sleep, are located on the belly and on the lower insides of the thighs. These points are automatically massaged through babywearing.(6)

Benefits to Wearer

  • Hana Baby Wrap provides balanced back support and helps in the prevention of strain or injury to the your back or shoulders.

  • Hana Baby Wrap offers you truly hands-free freedom, allowing you to enjoy an active lifestyle indoors or outdoors.
T.I.C.K.S. sling safety guidelines
    Your wrap should be tight enough to hug your baby close to you as this will be most comfortable for you both. Any slack/loose fabric will allow your baby to slump down in the carrier which can hinder their breathing and pull on your back.

    In view at all times.
    You should always be able to see your baby's face by simply glancing down - make sure there is no fabric covering your child's face.

    Close enough to kiss 
    Your baby's head should be as close to your chin as is comfortable. By tipping your head forward you should be able to kiss your baby on the head or forehead.

    Keep chin off the chest. 
    Your baby should never be curled so their chin is forced onto their chest as this can restrict their breathing. Check you can get a finger under their chin (reach in from the side of the sling if you need to).

    Supported back.
    The wrap should support your baby's back - and his tummy and chest should be against you. If you put your hand on your baby's back and press gently s/he should not uncurl.
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Hana Baby Wrap Organic - Sky-Hana Baby Wrap Carrier Sling Sleepy bamboo Moby Hug A Bub organic sky turquoise light blue aqua
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