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GroVia™ Mighty Bubbles Laundry Treatment

Mighty Bubbles Laundry Treatment
Available in packs of 10. 

This uniquely formulated treatment is used to remove buildup of urine and minerals from cloth diapers and garments.

- Dissolves completely.
- Not tested on animals.
- Made in the U.S.A.
- H•E compliant – safe for all washers.
- Phosphate free
- No ammonia
- No alcohol or ethers
- pH neutral

Sodium carbonate, Sodium percarbonate, Sodium polyitaconate, Surfactants, Enzymes, Oxygen bleach activator, Sodium silicate

  1. Place one pac in washer with diapers. No other detergent is needed. Run a regular HOT wash with one extra rinse.
  2. Once diapers are clean, return to a simple wash routine that uses enough detergent.
  3. May be used in addition to a normal wash routine every 6-8 weeks to keep your diapers clean and buildup-free.

*If buildup is severe, it may take up to three treatments to get your diapers clean.

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GroVia Mighty Bubbles Laundry Treatment

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